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Video: Obertauern – The Spot

2014-Obertauern-TheSpot-MBu-SBu-RBi Following up on the Teaser I uploaded last time, this is the fully edited video capturing our week-trip in Obertauern with several visits to the Spot. It was an awesome week with a wide variety of weather conditions. Perfect ingredients for a video. Enjoy!

Video: Full run at the Spot, Obertaue...

GOPR0245.MP4_snapshot_00.54_[2014.01.22_22.20.05] As a teaser for the rest of the video material, I’ve created this clip of my favorite full snowboard run at Snowpark Obertauern – the Spot, AT

Day-trip: Landgraaf, NL

Day-trip: Landgraaf, NL Last year we had some fun on the indoor slopes at Landgraaf in the Netherlands. Marieke had the good idea of filming some of the random stuff I was doing and I took the liberty of making it into a small video clip. That day we rode with our friend Rogier Bierens, who also joins us on the slopes during our trip to Obertauern this January, 201 [...]

Skateboarding: Nose Stall to Revert

Skateboarding: Nose Stall to Revert Something that feels right out your comfort zone is usually the most rewarding when you finally get that one trick down. During the skate lessons at Area 51 Skatepark I had the opportunity to dig up such a trick again. A year ago we practiced the tail stall to revert and that was a feat for me at the time. But I just couldn’t mirror it [...]

Weekend-Trip: Alta Cableski & Mo...

Weekend-Trip: Alta Cableski & Montana Snowcenter Nollie Jump Start by Florian Scharscher. As I write this, my muscles are constantly reminding me why I had such an awesome weekend-trip. Jorg and I planned a weekend of extreme sports at Center Parcs at Kempervennen. This particular Center Parcs features both an indoor snowboarding center and an outdoor wakeboarding center. A perfect setting [...]

Training: Half cab to backside 50-50

Training: Half cab to backside 50-50 Eyes focused on the green-ribbed-tube, placed down-hill in the same incline as the hill. Gauging for a speed that I’m still comfortable with doing a new trick. Dropping in switch doing a half-cab into a backside 50-50 felt actually really comfortable. This was a first I had done that trick and got it down first try. Of course I had some [...]

Video: 2013 Trip to Kaprun, Kitzstein...

Video: 2013 Trip to Kaprun, Kitzsteinhorn – AT 50-50 Downrail – Photo by Jorg Jansen Hiking up and down the hill to get some awesome photographs done, is totally worth the time. By noon the need for food was making my body shake, but even though it is grueling the effort Jorg Jansen and I put in to get some good shots – when the sun was shining – paid off. I incorporated [...]

Preparing for snow…

Preparing for snow… The incredible need to check up on the weather conditions, the snow heights, looking at the webcams in the Mountains and checking out videos posted from people from the mountain is taking over my mind. With only a few weeks until I have another snowboard trip planned, it is beginning to become unbearable. This year we’re heading out to [...]

Gear: Signal Rocker Light

Gear: Signal Rocker Light I have been riding my NITRO MISFIT 155,6 for quite some time now. But I still feel like there is something missing. The introduction of “Rocker” boards was just happening when I was first in the market for a snowboard. After letting innovation and development take its course; better and more diverse types of “rocker” b [...]

Skateboarding: It’s all in the ...

Skateboarding: It’s all in the details Example: Backfoot placement“Pay attention to how you place your backfoot,…” – Is what Nick Bax had to note about the way I executed a regular Ollie, he continued: “…by placing the backfoot with the inner edge just over the transition from the board into the backtail, you have better control and the board do [...]

Training: Backside 50-50s & more

Training: Backside 50-50s & more 2010 – Indy over a small kickerA lot has changed since we started riding the park back in January 2010. Back then a warmup used to exist of a few runs down the slope to get the legs used to standing sideways. Yesterday the warmup existed of hitting some Frontside 50-50’s on the tube and down-rail features. Slowly but gradually the [...]

Week-trip: Silvretta-Montafon –...

Week-trip: Silvretta-Montafon – Gaschurn, Austria It took me a while to write up the story from our Snowboarding trip for this year, but here you have it. Our stay for 2012 was at Gaschurn, Austria (Silvretta Montafon) at a short distance from the elevator onto the mountain, like we always do. We traveled with more people than just the usual riders Marieke, Jorg and I, this year some of our [...]

Skateboarding: Ollies & Blunt No...

Even though the lessons have been at a halt for a period, since the start of 2012 I had quite a few skateboard sessions where I got to learn new stuff. The skate lessons are still part of the snowboardtraining for better board handling and body movement, which I could clearly notice during our snowboard trip in January. During the skate lesso [...]

Training: Easing back into snowboardi...

The screwdriver is rotating and in turn the screws for mounting my Flow bindings are tightening, adjusting the angles to 17° outwards both front and back binding. My board has been without my bindnigs for about 2 months now, ever since I got back from the week-trip to Silvretta-Montafon – Gashurn, AT. I could not resist the urge to go s [...]

Skateboarding: Ollie-ing to new heigh...

Skateboarding: Ollie-ing to new heights This weekend I had a short skateboard session with Jorg at the Shark Safe house. After all the building from the past few weeks it was time to hit the quarters ourselves. I’m stoked about the results on the quarters, the transition is perfect and the speed you can generate is good. Although in our skate lessons we did not really yet pra [...]

Skateboarding: Building a DIY Quarter...

Skateboarding: Building a DIY Quarter Pipe In the past few weeks I have been busy designing and building a Do It Yourself Skateboarding Quarter Pipe. There are a lot of tutorials on how to build such a thing, but most of them are written en design for Imperial units instead of the Metric system used here in the Netherlands. Design for the Quarter PipeThis is where I found my challenge [...]

2014 – Obertauern – The Spot

2014 – One Run at The Spot, Obertauern

2013 – Kaprun – Kitzsteinhorn, AT

2011 – KleinArl, AT

2010 – Mayrhofen, AT

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