Today me and my buddy Jorg purchased the series of learning videos from the website These video’s take you from the most basic tricks to the advanced tricks, they also feature a few of these clips for free on their youtube channel.

We just bought the downloadable version of the whole collection consisting of 4 DVD’s with video material and 1 DVD of instruction manuals, mp3’s etc.  as you can find here…

The downloadable version is both faster in your possession and prepared for downloading, so the quality on the downloaded version is somewhat lower than the DVD version, but the price for the downloadable version is also very interesting. So we just went along with that, as it is all about what they feature in the learning materials.

The learning material is build up from the very basics up to the highly advanced tricks, furthermore each video is also build up from a basic starting point and then as the video progresses it will combine the basics learned throughout the initial parts. I’m very satisfied with the quality and in-depth information they offered in the DVD collection. Now it’s just a matter of watching it all, trying out the stuff in the park and kind of create my own style out of it.

Here’s an example video from the youtube channel, which gives you an introduction into Jumping: