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Training: Injury gone?

I’m still having a little bit of trouble with my groin injury, where some muscle – which runs into my upper leg – is giving me some pain. So to see where I stand with the injury we went to the indoor snowcenter: Snowworld in Landgraaf, NL. I planned this indoor session before the holiday […]

Training: Groin injury

During the awesome holiday in Mayrhofen I had been practicing some buttering for about 75% of the day. I can say I was pretty much near exhaustion up to that point, when we got into the part of buttering 180’s and 360’s. The backside 1’s and 3’s posed no problem, but when I tried to […]

Training: Downslope Box & Rail

Inspired by the downslope tube I rode in Mayrhofen past holiday, I already gave the downslope box a try at the Montana snowcenter on Saturday. Yesterday the downslope rail was a fact. Whenever I saw other boarders do their tricks on those boxes, I kept saying to myself: “How hard can it be…?!”. But you […]


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