I’m still having a little bit of trouble with my groin injury, where some muscle – which runs into my upper leg – is giving me some pain. So to see where I stand with the injury we went to the indoor snowcenter: Snowworld in Landgraaf, NL. I planned this indoor session before the holiday – in which I sustained the injury – so I had to keep my end of the deal to teach my sister the way of snowboarding.

Actually this was the perfect way to slowly test if my injury had been fading away or not… While teaching my sister the art of balancing between scraping and gliding, I could slowly test my injury. The only thing where it seems to be hurting is the point where I jump uphill, you know the frog-like motion. The problem with this is that the jumping is part of all the things I want to do on a snowboard, so I was taking it slowly for the rest of the day.

In only 2,5 hours my sister was capable of actualy riding down the slope and even turn the proper way with her right foot in front, exact opposite as my stance normally is. But for teaching reasons I could show her the right way by riding switch. Good training for me and good example for my sister ;). A good training and slow start to recovery from the injury, we’re riding the slopes at Montana, Westerhoven NL on wednesday again, so hopefully I’m on my return from the injury.

Stance/Board setup changes
As I’ve been juggling with the different parameters in the way to setupu your board in combination with the rigth type of stance that suites me, I’ve found the information from the website SimplySnowboard.com by Dave Raybould very useful.

I made adjustments to the location of the front binding and I rotated the bindings to a better angle, although that was the theory. The setup I used Saturday was a stance width of about ?? cm and the angle for my bindings were 15 degrees front and -15 degrees for the back. My experience was that I had more control over my switch riding and I had a more relaxed stance overall when riding. Another detail to mention is that I found out that my type of binding (Flow – Quatro – White) was also capable of adjusting the high back to angle almost parallel to the edge of the board. This was also a increasing the stance to feel more relaxed. Now it comes down to finetuning and tweaking when my injury is gone and I can unleash the jump fury again.

Here’s a few vid’s I uploaded to Facebook, in the mean time I’m trying to put some focus in creating the long awaited video clip from Mayrhofen.