The speed I need for the big kicker at Montana, NL is dialed in and only differs a bit when the snow is good or there are a lot of snow piles over the slope. Last night the snow was perfect and it gave me just about the right speed to not need to pop and just coast the kicker. This left me with room for practicing the straight airs. Just coasting over and controlling myself in the air is getting better and better. Later in the evening when I dialed in the balance I tried the Indy grab and now I could really hold on to it for a long time.

Before we drove to the snowcenter, we quickly hit the trampoline again and got some practice in. This time focusing on the jumping staring at a point in the distance, this made it somewhat harder but has more resemblance to the reality. Once we got this aerial awareness in and started grabbing the board solidly again, we knew the training was really helping out. Now it’s just a matter of practice, practice and practice.

Inspired by the other snowboarders, I really felt like trying a few boardslides again. Ofcourse I’m not all that good yet, but one has got to start somewhere… So I just rode up to the top of the flatbox and put my left foot over the box and got my weight on that leg and started sliding down the box with my face facing forwards and my right foot in the air. I repeated this a few times and I think I might try to do it with a small setup run next time, just to see how that is. Progression even though in small steps is progression, so I’m really stoked about the training last night. Enough to fuel me for next time!