Our plan for the training was to focus on some buttering and mimic some of the cool butters Nev Lapwood showed in is advanced buttering vid from last week. Jorg had been to Montana last week, where I just couldn’t make it and told me that they had prepared the slope differently. Montana added some new bigger rails in preparation for this weekend’s rail event. So as we entered the hall I could see all new features and as we rode up the slope with the elevator I couldn’t help but feel tempted to try one of the rails and boxes.

We started out with a few runs down the slope and doing some buttering here and there, but soon the urge to ride the rails and box became the winner in my head and I tried the bottom box which was a combined one. The first part was straight and the second part was downslope. The box had a slight level problem, which made me (and others) slide to the left and thus the first time I had to ride of the downslope part as I couldn’t stay centered.

After a few runs over the big kicker, which felt very natural again, my eye got caught on the rainbow that had been placed in the center of the slope. I already knew the first time I saw it, that I would ride that thing tonight… we tried to stick with the buttering, but it was just to tempting to give it a go. So after passing it 2 or 3 times and doing a few setup test runs, I just got up the drop in point, which felt like it would generate enough speed to clear it. Whilst standing there, Jorg was around to tell me “Just do it!!”, which gave me the trigger just to go for it and see how it turns out. First time I had just the right speed, I was slightly rotated and didn’t really anticipate the landing, but I only fell down a bit when I already landed due to a small imbalance. I figured the imbalance was due to the fact my upper body still was slightly rotated inwards. I tried to correct this and in the 3rd try it came together and I rode the rainbow fully and landed it… Stoked feeling!!

As Jorg had been watching me go for it, he also got an urge to just go for it. So I told him my experience that it didn’t fell all that different then riding over a box, as long as he would keep in mind not to rotate the upper body too much… in turn I told him to “Just do it!” and so he did and also cleared it the first time landing wasn’t important at that point, super cool to see him that stoked, awesome feature to stomp. What a session….more buttering next time I guess. Or will I try one of the bigger longer rails next time…