Indy grab during training in MontanaPhotography
The progress we’re making in snowboarding not only focuses on the boarding itself, but advancing to adjacent areas like video and photo is a very important aspect of bringing the total experience across. A good example of that is the fact that my fellow boarder Jorg Jansen bought an digital camera of the DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) kind. He started experimenting with getting the settings right for the indoor snowcenter Montana in Westerhoven. Last night we went out for another Wednesday training session and the first 30 minutes he took the time to just get the shooting on the road. And I have to say that the settings already seem to be working out and for sure will improve over time as he invests his time in this area.

I myself didn’t wander into the DSLR-area yet, but have been exploring the different aspects of video making and editing in the past and on other sports. I’m still working on my first snowboard video release from our holiday in Mayrhofen, so for now I can’t show anything yet. But it does show our dedication in bringing the way we experience the snowboarding across to anyone interested. Luckily for me Jorg’s camera also makes very nice Full HD 1080 video’s, so once we have some more footage and I finished the current project, I’ll dig into the new materials.

Besides the photo shooting, of which I amongst other we’re voluntary subjects, we did get some training done. The snowcenter had been reshaping the slope adding a few easier features for us not all to advanced riders. So it was time to try some 50-50’s, boardslides and more. Although it was only until Jorg joined the training that I really had the drive to push to do new things out there. I hadn’t been riding the bigger rails and as they had reshaped the big kicker I had to renew the speed check. First up was the large rail and as a marker for myself I first jumped over the rail so I was absolutely sure there was no problem with getting air. Then I slowly tuned down the overshoot to hit the rail and slide short pieces of the rail. To get it dialled in I repeated it for about 8-10 times. Then I felt it was time to get the real boardslides in and went for the easy flatbox on top and rode down the sucker with one foot above the box and the other hanging over the right side, facing forward. I finally got that feeling going to try for some more speed, so I‘ll continue to practice that in next sessions. At the end of the practice I just had another, “What the heck”- moment and just went for the renewed big kicker and coasted over the jump. In the air I was concluding that the speed was only just enough to coast and I only just made it onto the landing area after the gap. All in all a very good training session with a lot learned!

Saturday we’ll be visiting the opening at the Belgian Snow park in Peer. So stay tuned for more.

The rest of the pictures from our session last night are found over here or here.