The first attempts to a tail plant, looking rad!We set out to go to Ice Mountain for this Saturday, but we found out that they only opened up the park features at 17:00. So we shifted our plans and headed to Snowbase in Terneuzen, the Netherlands. It proved to be the best choice for an indoor park center. As the satnav didn’t have the street in it’s system, with a little help from google maps we were able to get there just fine. Finding a nice designed building and when we were inside the whole center had a perfect finish. We got into our gear and went down the stairs to go for a ride and found that the snow was in a very good shape. I might be mistaken, but I think this was the best indoor snow we found so far.

Trying my first backflip at SnowbaseAfter some slope riding and checking out the features on both the big and small slope, they opened up the air-cushion with the big kicker in front of it. That was the signal for having a good time and we headed over to go for it. Well actually Jorg just sneaked out on us and went for it as I was helping Marieke with her boardslides. Never the less we all joined the fun and hit the kicker over and over again. I just can’t help bit having a grin from ear-to-ear on my face when jumping that kicker. I even tried a few backflips, just to see and feel how that would be. I’m still way off, but at least I got the spin going backwards.

Going for that boardslide which is progressing quite good!After the big kicker fun, we set out to the small slope again for some more boardslide practice. Which is really paying off for all of us now. We’re all able to make the boardslide now and I think the next thing we need to focus on now is at the end of the box, how to jump back onto the slope in a stylish way. But that’s for another training.

Check out this awesome vid Jorg made from our trip to Snowbase:

At the end of the day we hit the kicker a few more times and rode the big slope’s features, while Jorg was following Marieke and I with his Canon Ixus. Overall the vid shows best how much fun we had Saturday and for sure we’re heading over to Snowbase again soon!