Last Saturday Jorg and I got the briliant idea of doing some skateboarding. The weather was superb and the location near Jorg’s house was ideal for some skateboarding. It has been a very long time since I had been boarding properly, but I almost forgot how much fun it was to do! Ofcourse the local youth were kiling it as opposed to our ‘tricks’, but never the less it was good fun doing an ollie again.

We have been snowboarding – with a focus on the park – only since November 2009, the technique’s and insight are for sure helping out on getting the skateboard tricks mastered. I was never able to really ollie a 180, but now with the snowboard technique’s in the back of my mind, it was only after 3 or 4 tries I hit it. Great fun and a very good exercise, given the amount of sweat that had been flowing on such a hot sunny day.

Ollie on my old deck (15 year old :-o )Jorg's new 100% deck, does ollie a bit higher :-)How about a wheelie, still got it!Riding from a small drop, still there...

Skateboarding is not a crime! Just a line to remember from the good old times!