As part of the new sports I utilize to improve my snowboarding technique, skateboarding is a welcome addition. I already wrote a little bit about my restart with skateboarding, but it’s time to fully commit myself and plan it in my weekly schedule.

I restarted skating about a month and a half ago together with Jorg Jansen, trying to get back into the boarding proved to be a hell of a good time. This made me decide to bring along the skateboard to L2A as well, where we met up with Dave Raybould and David Mendia and did some rad skate sessions. After that I think it was time to replace my old skateboard with a new deck… as the old one really needed to get an upgrade. When the local kids on the skatepark ask me how I even dare to ride such a thorn and ripped up deck, then you know it’s time for an upgrade ;). Luckily Eindhoven features a very well known board shop called 100%, which helped me get a nice new deck for me to skateboard.

I’d never been to the local indoor skatepark to skate myself, but only to watch and marvel at what tricks the kids are pulling these days. So finally it was time to ride at Area 51 and what a rad session we had over there. As I had been practicing the manual a lot on my old deck, it was time to put it into action on my new skateboard with a nice result at the end of the day. Fully manual over the feature after a small drop in, not much for a experienced skater but a hell of a good feeling for a ‘re-‘starter.


Yesterday evening I even blown my own expectations whilst trying to heel-flip and actually landed one on the tail, nothing sketchy about it, just landed too far back. All of this adds up to so much fun and addiction that besides the regular snowboarding, skateboarding is now a part of the weekly schedule as well!