The winter season for the indoor centers is about to take flight, but beside the official kick-offs you can notice the change in weather conditions indoors as well. The temperatures indoors are dropping, which in effect improve the snow quality by the somewhat lower indoor temperature. Due to the increased snow quality, the snow is getting faster and less sandpaper-like to ride. In turn creating a more optimal runway towards the big kicker.

Af few weeks back I tried to jump the big kicker a few times, really pushing the envelope on a slope sand-paper-feel slope. Last night the improved conditions made it possible to easily clear the big kicker to the landing area without any additional pop or drop-in point.

So it was time for me to get back into big kicker shape as the last real training on jumps was in L2A. The first few runs were only to feel the speed and balance in the air. The aireal awareness training I did during the summer is really paying off as I’m very much in balance in the air. This results in having the time to do some grabs and enjoy the air-time. In L2A I made an attempt on a first try at the method, which last night I could pick on again and maybe even improved the grab and stretch. Hopefully the weeks of training ahead will improve my aireal awareness and air-time enjoyment, which in turn would leave me with more time to grab the board.