Like always in our training sessions one feeds of the other or gets inspired, motivated or pushed to step outside the comfort zone by the other. Last night was a perfect example of this as well… I had been postponing to try a 180 over the big kicker for a while now, but Jorg got me sparked to try it.

So first up were a few 180’s back- and frontside over the small kicker, to get a feel for it see how much under- or overrotation would result. It all felt natural, but I decided to go with the frontside 180, as this felt the most comfy and was easier to spot the landing.

I got up the hill of the indoor snowcenter in Westerhoven and prepared the bindings and got motivated and shouted at by Jorg. Dropping… setting up, no more final adjustments before take off and remind myself to wind up in the horizontal plane… In air I tried the 180 and because I didn’t want to overrotate it, I underrotated it ofcourse :). So I practiced again and again and again. I think I do have a feeling on how it should feel, but the execution needs work, so the trianing sessions in the coming weeks will contain these 180’s for a while.

Furthermore I trained setting up and jumping on the different rails and boxes on the slope and finally got a feel on how I should mount my board on the features. Even riding down the whole rail was part of the possibilities last night, the progression is happening.

Recapping the night with Jorg, I can conclude that all the hard work of the summer training is finally getting together and surfaces in the way how natural the motion is becoming. I’ll be stepping outside the comfort zone a lot more in the time to come, pushing the envelope is on the schedule!