I use skateboarding as a training for snowboarding, besides that it’s a hell of a lot of fun to do as well and that’s why I write about it here.

It is a blessing to live so close to skatepark Area 51 in Eindhoven, being able to drop by in the early afternoon after work and skating for 1,5 hours just rocks. Especially when the stuff is getting together and connections between upwards lift, ollie & timing is coming together. I had been trying to ollie different gaps at the skatepark, but had only been succesful on the smallest one around. Jorg inspired me to hit some of the other gaps and finally it’s making sense to my body and mind. Where I used to have to really compress onto my skatedeck, now I only get ready for the right time to ollie and pop my deck over the gaps. Check out the video Jorg made from the skate session we had yesterday:


Last Saturday I also went to Area 51 with my cousin Ivo Boers, who has been skating ever since he was 12 years old, even though he’s 16 nowadays he makes skateboarding look easy and effortless. I was very impressed by his skills and had a great time watching and filming him ripping it up over there, check it out: