Hopefully some of my readers can help me out here? Or point me in the right direction when it comes to jumping on the boxes or rails. When I started out trying to get on the boxes or rails, I wanted to make sure I’d be able to jump high enough » resulting in jumping over the obstacle… I already wrote about this a while back and got some great advice from Dave Raybould, but I can’t seem to find the ultimate execution. So we filmed some of the jumps on the box, so you might be able to give me some hints and tips about what I should do in body posture, position or other points of emphasis.

Afterwards Jorg and I discussed the posibilities why the execution isn’t working out yet and our findings are the I’m not really stand up right and my upper body might be over the box too far already at the start. I can’t seem to put that minimal required effort in to only jump from one track into the other, without a resulting force which let’s me slide off the other side. I did however tweak it further by lifting myself up the box in a more smooth way, but the lateral force is still too much and forces me off the other side.

Is it just a matter of practice, practice and practice? Or am I making a essential mistake, which will be hard to get rid of when I progress this way?

When it comes to rails, I found out how to jump on the with an angle and fully ride down the rail while gradually decreasing the initial angle. I have to put more practice hours in that one to make it work every time.

Any tips?