During the snowy days before the Christmas towards the new year, I’ve had several outdoor sessions in both Eindhoven & Uden, the Netherlands. Unfortunately the sun sets pretty early in the winter periods, making it hard to ride after working hours and see enough to make pictures. Luckily the snow reflects a lot of light by being white, thus making it possible to snowboard in the after sunset hours.

Eindhoven, Kasteellaan, NL.
I went over to Jorg’s place, who lives just next to the skatepark at the Kasteellaan. As the park was now covered in snow and has an elevated design, all we really had to do was building a few kickers down the side-slopes of the park. After the building we installed the bungee which could pull us up to speed and hit them kickers with some proper speed. It was only until the last jump of the evening I really made a big effort over the biggest kicker we built, by jumping at least 5 or 6 meters in distance and almost up to 1,5-2 meters in the air. In between we also practiced the 180’s and attempted some 360’s. Jorg’s son Rody stepped up and started rocking out some sweet 180’s for the first time, Respect for that!

Uden, Lauwere, NL
At the end of the street where I was born lies a small hill making for a perfect location to go for some snowboarding as well. My girlfriend Marieke also tagged along and we had to ride in the dark as well…. Never the less it was some fun shredding down that hill featuring both a steep and less steep side to ride down from. Of course you’ll have to improvise some obstacles yourself to make it work. So I built a small kicker as well and did some 180’s and 360’s over it.

Note to self: Backside vs frontside 3’s
A thing to note for myself was the strange effect the straight jumps had on my preference of backside versus frontside. Normally at the indoors slopes I sidehit the setup jumps, making my toe-edge dig in by itself, creating the perfect platform for doing a backside-360. But now when riding towards these self-made kickers in a not side-hit approach, I tend to rotate easier in the frontside direction.

As we’re leaving for Kleinarl, Flachau, Austria in a short while, I think I want my main focus points being able to spin both directions for the 360. I’ll implement the Snowboard Addiction approach for stomping these tricks. I believe narrowing down to only a few tricks to learn will improve my riding skills even better.