Oh how I like to prove myself wrong!! I can still remember myself saying: “That trick, well… I will not be stompin’ that anytime soon! The day I do? Man that would be soooo sick.”

In this case I proved myself wrong about snowboarding a downrail 50-50 by jumping on frontside and the other trick was ollie-ing over a barrel on it’s side after the ramp up to the plateau in Area 51, Eindhoven.

50-50 Downrail
The hardest part for me in having the ‘Gotcha!’ with this one, was visualizing myself jumping from one track onto another just enough to get onto the rail from the side. Most of the times I would jump too far on the ‘other track’ and thus either immediately overshoot and jump off the other side of the rail, or I would overshoot it just a little still enough to have my body momentum force me off the other side. So 2 weeks ago at our training grounds in Westerhoven I finally had the Gotcha and landed onto the rail at the right angle to have my momentum set me upright on the rail and fully ride it down to the end! What a stoked feeling… from this basis I can build the rest of the tricks.

Barrel Ollie

Zwier Jansen ollie-ing over the barrel in Area 51, Eindhoven

I have been cruising around the court in Area 51 for about 6 months now and improved my skills through time, but ollie-ing over a barrel always looked like a trick I wouldn’t be able to stomp for a looong time. Even tho my ollie capabilities are pretty consistent, also according Zwier Jansen, which he mentioned yesterday during our skate session. This gave me the boost in self-esteem to go out and try and ollie the barrel for the first time. I think I tried to ollie besides the barrel for about 2-3 times to see if I’d clear it or not, but height was not the problem. Then I tried to ollie over the barrel for about 10 times I didn’t land it. The first few tries I rotated my shoulders forward resulting in rotating my board as well. Once I corrected that error, I went on to kicking my board sideways whilst in the air to land on my feet. After that I had the guts to finally try and almost land it and only bail at the last second. Finally I’d proven myself wrong when I landed it and that felt soooo good! Stoked as hell about it.

I’ll keep this in mind on my road to stomping more tricks in the future. Thinking I can’t doesn’t bring me any good, so I’ll switch to seeing I already stomp the trick.