The thing with finding out and learning stuff yourself is that it consumes more time and might leave you with some (minor) errors in technique that are hard to get rid of. On the other hand it’s also a nice feat to have when you know you’re self-taught.

I started skateboarding when I was a kid but I grew out of it, went to the next school, lost contact with my skate buddy and pretty much forgot about it for a long time. It was somewhere end of July 2010 Jorg Jansen inspired me to start skating again. Since that time things have progressed at a steady pace, but somewhere last month we kind of plateau’d and the progression was stuck for both of us. About a week ago we got approached by Wouter from Area51 skatepark if we’d like to follow a few lessons with him just to get us going again on the basic technique skills.

Last Thursday we had our first lesson and we had to show some of our basic skills to start with and Wouter built from that. So we showed the way we generated speed, making turns, turning on the quarter and such. It’s really the little hints and tips that already made it worth our while. After the tweaks we got into some of the tricks we were nearly stomping; rock to fakie and rock ‘n roll. After some proper instruction on body position, posture and footing we totally nailed them tricks. Ofcourse we need some more time to get them dialed in, but knowing you can do a trick really boosts the confidence.

It’s one thing to overcome the fact that you’re starting skateboarding again at a later stage in your life. On top of that you’re most likely to get scared away from taking lessons in it,… But the total opposite is true which I found out by just doing it and follow my own interest. You get so much fun, satisfaction and progression out of skateboarding it really compliments what I am and what I stand for. My advice, you’re never to old to start again and it’s never too late to learn. Looking forward to next lesson to be honest, on our plates then on the quarter are 5-O’s and 50-50’s new stuff for us, but basics for every skateboarder.

PS. I did find out what my former skate buddy is doing, but still haven’t run into him yet. But he’s living in Eindhoven, skates for the 100% team and occasionally visits Area 51, so I hope to run into him again soon.