It’s that time of the season again when the winter is tucked some where far away and the snowcenter is transformed into the perfect training grounds. No busy crowds and obstacles for all levels, meaning I can practice some new tricks and polish some of the tricks learned last year.

The one I already knew how to do is the Front-side lip-slide, although it needed more perfecting as I still needed to learn the 2 different ways of starting the rotation. So I started with the counter rotated version, I am now able to fully ride the feature and rotate back cleanly. The 2nd version which needed more work was rotating forwards and 180 into the new direction of travel gradually before reaching the end. I played around with the throwing my arms for the different rotation speeds. This needs a lot of work still, but it is progressing into what I like it to be.

I have only tried nose pressing on the slope, by nose-pressing a straight line down the slope. Over the many times I had tried it on different occasions, last night it really was in control. So it was time to bring it to the straight box, which resulted in a good nose-press. My board is a bit stiff to really flex upwards, but I’m proud of the cool picture Jorg Jansen took.

So, while I was trying new stuff anyway, I thought that I’d throw in a backside board-slide. After falling and bailing early for a few times, I finally got the hang of it and just went for the lipslide version… Never thought the picture would look that awesome, but these are the tricks I’m going to spend time on perfecting the coming time.

Besides trying new ticks, it was also very interesting to see half of the Cartel team boarding the features and the other locals ripping it up as well. Another nice feat was that Melle Freriks could finally come out behind the counter and throw down his snowboarding skills on the slope.