I haven’t been writing on my blog a lot lately, but that’s because I have some home rebuilding to do. Instead of writing in the spare that I do get, I go out boarding.

Lately I have been out skateboarding more than snowboarding as I had the Thursday evening for snowboarding, but this is now committed to skateboard lessons. Even though I was skeptic about taking lessons at first, I did take the challenge head on and fully committed. Tricks, maneuvers and technique I thought was impossible to learn in such a short time, turned out to be learned in a jiff. The things I learned throughout the few weeks we’ve had the lessens are:

Quarter- / mini-ramp tricks:

  • Axle stall
  • 50-50 grind
  • 5-O’s
  • Rock ‘n Roll – back & front

All of these tricks were not in my repertoire yet and still need more practice, but knowing I can do them is a very comforting thought, which I never thought possible in such a short time.

On top of these Quarter / mini-ramp tricks, Wouter took the liberty of introducing the board-slide on a tube to me. Yet again skeptic, but eagerly optimistic with my snowboard background, I listened to the explanation, looked at the demo and almost nailed it first time. A few more tries and I was actually doing board-slides myself. Who would have thought…

Inspired by this welcome addition to the repertoire I pushed myself to try a trick I had been eager to learn myself: tail stall in the mini-ramp. After a full night of skating at Area 51, the mini-ramp was deserted and I took my chance to learn it. Check the video for the result, I know I know the style still is crappy, but it’s a huge step from not being able to go back and forth in the ramp more than once to this.

If you have any tips let me know in the comments.

Besides all the new tricks I try and keep polishing the ones I already knew how to do, but take it to the next level. My ollies are getting better and better each time I go out boarding. Finally I got a sense for the proper timing and now it comes down to practicing more and more. It also costs a lot less effort and preparation time to setup for an ollie these days, which is a welcome feat.

Important note to self; always keep in mind how to properly impact a fall when it does take me off guard. As I found out the hard way last Friday when I slammed my head near the temple, by just doing a routine ollie of the wembley which I perform weekly. Result was a few moments of stars, blurry vision and a small headache the following 2 days.