Last week I used an old skate board strapped to my feet on a balance bar to improve my jibbing-balance. I had seen this in one of the videos that Nev Lapwood over at » SA – Jibbing Vol. 1. It’s one of the bonus features of this edition.

Basically a balance bar is built from 3 wooden pieces – 2 short & 1 long, preferable 4″ x 4″ or 10cm by 10cm. Put it down on the grass, strap on either your snowboard or old skateboard deck and start jibbing away. Of course this is easier said than done, but it really proves to be one of the better exercises I had done in preparation for the jibbing I’d like to learn. Now I can really get the feel of 180-in onto the bar and 180-in off. It gives you the insight on how to approach, the stance, rotation, counter-rotation and of course the balancing on the feature. I think that once I can stomp different jib tricks with the old skateboard deck, that I’ll swap it for my snowboard and try it that way.

It proves to be a good overall body exercise as well, as the abs and back muscles notified me the day after that they had been used. How do you prepare or train for jib tricks? Let me know about it in the comments

A while back I also experimented with a skateboard deck on a trampoline, which really improved my aerial awareness. Read about that here.