“What do you do for the Shark Cartel? Are you also a team rider?”

This is a question I get asked a lot by the newly selected team riders which Jorg Jansen (Founder of the Shark Cartel) has asked to join over time. A good question to ask, because it’s the most obvious one to ask as I don’t posses the full skill-set for a team rider. Then again the most obvious is easily forgot as well…

What’s a team without the auxiliary people; i.e. designers, videographers, photographers, web-designers, park-builders, shapers, coaches, etcetera. They all supplement to the team effort in a way the brand gets promoted and put out there the way they all like to be perceived. It’s a selected set of like-minded people with a certain drive for the sport, for which they don’t need external motivation – as they do what they love.

In this regard I’ve been on both ends of a team side; in being the athlete before and now a supplemental aid to the team. This is what it’s about and what it has been about for a long time with me and Jorg. The synergistic effect that we create by feeding off each others energy & thrive for certain sports makes the bond unbreakable.

So to try and formulate an answer to the most obvious question asked: “I aid Jorg with the Cartel in realizing and achieving it’s full potential, by providing my skills & enthusiasm for the beliefs the Cartel stands for.”

Besides the supplementary work, of course, the most important thing is to practice, learn and just do the sports of snowboarding, snowskating, skateboarding and more, because it’s what brings me so much fun and good times. Just by seeing other people progress the sport or themselves is enough to get me energized and motivated.

So why are you not selected for the Shark Cartel?