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Week-trip to: Mayrhofen, Austria

Week-trip to: Mayrhofen, Austria

After a somewhat exhausting drive we finally arrived back home on the 27th of march 2010. Although we didn’t have much traffic on the way to Mayrhofen, our return journey seemed to feature nothin but traffic jams in the first 300 km. It’s about a 900km drive from Eindhoven to Mayrhofen and we split up […]

Week-trip to: Sölden, Austria

Marieke sitting on the slope of the Gigijoch, Sölden, Austria.

Just got home from our snowboarding trip to Sölden, Austria and wow it was just an amazing trip. We had the best spot to stay the nights and slopes, snow, pow and weather was just amazing. It was about a 10 hour drive, which could have been a bit faster if the last few stretches […]


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