Today’s focus was on the 180’s in general and getting some 180’s from the end of the flat box done at Montana Snowcenter.

Since watching the video clips from Snowboard Addiction about 180’s, it’s clear that there are many ways of making a 180 ;). So instead of thinking which one to master, I first went by the one that felt easy. I went by the front-side 180 off the flat box, reaching the arms out front and counter rotating my body underneath when jumping from the box.

As this came natural it felt like a gimme, so my next challenge I set was; riding switch over the box and do a switch-front-side  180 from the box. But as it didn’t feel right I just went by the riding switch over the box as this just isn’t second nature yet. I’ll have to make a few more of those switch runs to get comfortable with it and just practice it over and over. Because heck when trying to do the switch-front-side 180 from the box it didn’t quite work out the way I planned. Luckily the protective gear is doing it’s part of the deal. So next time when we’re up for some training I will focus on some more 180’s including the box feature.

The other part of the training was for me to exactly measure the speed needed for the kicker, as last time I was too eager to make the jump that I kind of overshot my landing area. So now I got up to a point up the hill where I thought I’d make a significant amount of speed to at least clear it to the landing area. But the 1st try I needed to help a lot to get near the area, so the next try I went up the hill a little more and now I was getting closer. I still needed to help a little bit by Ollie-ing, but now I made it to the landing area. So the final run of the day, was on the right speed to the kicker and no real help clearing it to the landing area.

Now only to stop the arm movements 😉 That’s up for next training…