The plan was to drive to Winterberg this weekend, but the conditions had turned since the warming weather from the last 2 weeks. By telephone I heard from Jorg, who did drive there with his son Rody, that the conditions on the slope were bad and iced. Even the slope prepared with snow canons wasn’t in a good shape, so we decided not to make the journey.

Speed check
Instead we headed over to our training grounds in Westerhoven; Montana Snowcenter. After last times’ speed assessment I put it to the test again to see if I could clear the kicker by just coasting over it. But I misremembered the drop in point and landed before the knuckle of the downslope… Once I made the mistake I knew I had to drop in from higher up, so I did. Still the speed wasn’t sufficient to clear it by only coasting it, so I added a little pop & cleared it. So I upped the drop in and coasted towards the big kicker again and now I was able to clear it in a normal manner. Now remember it!

Indy grabs
With the speed check in mind I knew that when I wanted to do some grabs over the big kicker I first needed to check if I could easily perform them over some small jumps. Although Montana doesn’t feature a nice straight small jump, I just improvise over the setup jumps for the rails and boxes, which do their work perfectly of launching me in the air by either pop or ollie. So time to add the Indy grab to that, which didn’t pose a problem, but tweaking it is one of the next things to look into. After that I tried a bigger jump over the setup jumps and tried a tail grab, but I need to reach a little further to get that next time.

Next time we’re up for some training I definitely want to try a Indy grab over the big kicker (maybe even tweak it by boning it) and in the Snowboard addiction training videos a Backside Shifty also looks like something to try. After that I might be trying some melon grabs, because then I am a few steps closer to my goal of performing a Method! Goals are set, time for some practice 😉