I set out a few goals in my last report, which I decided to achieve during my friday night training session in Montana Snowcenter. My goals are to perform an Indy over the big kicker and if all goes well I want to give the backside shifty a go.

The first few runs at the big kicker consisted of just coasting over it and get comfortable in the air. After 3 runs I felt able to try the Indy over the kicker and although I didn’t tweak it yet, it looked pretty awesome on video. The nose of my board still is raised too much, but the tweaking can start on this trick. I feel comfortable performing it now and will practice this one for the weeks to come.

In the snowcenter they had reshaped the slope with some more features to use, now including 2 boxes, one downslope rail and a small kicker at the end. This gave me the opportunity to try the backside shifty over the small kicker first as opposed to immediately trying it over the big one. But I didn’t quite feel how I should perform it, so after a few tries I just called it a day…Back to the drawing board as the saying goes.

Leaving the bs shift for another time left me with some room to try 180’s and 360’s over the small kicker. The 180’s didn’t really pose a problem after 2 test runs and soon I felt confident on trying the 360 over the small kicker. The first time I tried I still landed halfway during the rotation, so I put more focus on the setup run on towards the kicker and now riding on the heel edge and my body in the anticiapted position it all came together in a fine 360 jump.

Awesome trainig and a big confidence booster for next time…which will be next week wednesday.