What do you get when you put together a trampoline, a skate deck, a bicycle inner tube and a few crazy people? A hell of good time and soo much fun, whilst training your body and improve your aerial awareness.

This is exactly what I did last Saturday, as Jorg had just bought a new trampoline for his kids – and kinda for himself – we thought it was a good idea to put some practice in on the trampoline. Jumping and getting some air-time done, supposedly is one of the best methodsd to improve aerial awareness. We did some jumping for about half an hour doing regular jumps, somersault’s backward and forward, side flips and some grab stuff. The idea of strapping on a skate deck – from the Nev Lapwood vid for improving rail technique – appeared into our minds. All we had to do is drive to the local hardware store and pick up an inner bicycle tyre, demount the skate deck from Jorg’s snowskate and put them together. There you have it the perfect tool for learning grabs and improve aerial awareness.

I strapped the deck to my feet and started jumping, it felt natural immediately from the first jump on. So, full of confidence I said to Jorg; “What the heck, let’s do something crazy!”. Jorg, ready for anything as usual, just let me do my thing and watched me do a backwards somersault with the deck strapped to my feet. The take off was kinda not enough and half-way through my rotation my head met the trampoline already, resulting in my neck and body flexing in impossible ways and left me kind of flabbergasted and disorientated. Anyway check the video for yourself: a good first try but a total fail when it comes to execution :D.

Although I didn’t come close to nailing it, I credit myself some kudos for just trying it and having that mental readiness available. As I said to Jorg afterwards, it starts by just doing it and having a mental strength to back up that thought.

Ofcourse this wasn’t the last session of the day and after a short break I got on the trampoline again and started training those grabs. Me and Jorg nailed a lot of grabs, making for a perfect aerial training and physically it was a very challenging exercise as well. Check out some of the pictures we shot during the sessions in my Facebook page

Later that night, with the sore neck and all, we still rode out to our training facility Montana and had a good snow session as well. After that we were beat and finally got some rest in… Well rest, because of my neck hurting a lot I could not get any sleep and next morning I got out of bet at 5:30 in the morning. Was it worth it? Hell yeah, because we had a super stoked training session and learned a lot!