What a good thing it is to own and wear good protective gear whilst snowboarding. I have proven this to myself yet again last night during the training session at Montana Snowcenter. The thing with falling is that the impact of the crash will mostly be absorbed by your body. The addition of protective gear will however evenly distribute the impact force onto a broader area and thus the impact causes less pain. Furthermore the hard plastice bits in the protective gear will ensure that the body doesn’t need to withstand all the hard objects and features, which massively reduces the bruising effect.

Never the less I do crash once and a while, when trying something new or just at random when I misjudge a setup jump or whatever. This was the case last night when I tried to go for a flatbox. I rode towards the box and kind of misplaced the jump and my board wanted off the box on the rights side, but my body fell to the left side. As it was a pretty high drop on the side I did a few rolling somer saults backwards down the side of the box and stood up to see a worried fellow boarder asking me if I was OK. Actually I was totally OK and didn’t feel a thing. But I do remember that my back-protector & helmet took the impact mostly, which makes me thankful that I’m wearing them.

Besides this positive thing the protective gear brings, it also provides me with a little bit more guts to just go for some jumps, rails or boxes. Knowing that this gear will protect to a certain extend, but usually more than enough! I learned from my small mistake and rode the same box 3 or 4 times more after the crash.