Indy grab over medium kicker at Snow Valley, Peer Belgium.Summer is the time to reshape indoor slopes and redesign the way the park is setup, today it was time to check out the new park at Snow Valley in Peer, Belgium. They had been very busy getting it done in time, but the result was just awesome.

The small hall was transformed into a full featured advanced park, with a big and medium kicker, some high boxes, downslope boxes and a quarter-pipe. So when we entered the café, which looked out over this hall, we thought wow a nice park, but maybe a little bit too advanced for most of us. But when I actually entered the big hall they setup a lot of features in that as well. Starting with a small box continuing to a small kicker and after that a high 2 stage box followed by an upslope box and ending the slope with a low flat box. Just the features you need to guarantee everybody a good time.

Check out this vid by Jorg Jansen from our day at Snow Valley

As you can see I had a great time checking out the different features in the new setup. We only stayed for about an hour and a half, but would like to go again to Peer and ride the big kicker…