FLOW Quattro – Highback Setup
After succesfully moving back to Uden – after 5 years in Veldhoven – it was time to get back onto the boards and get some practice in! Even though it had been a good 1,5 months since the last session indoors at Montana, I decided to check out a new binding setup for my FLOW bindings. During the urban outdoor session with Jorg, I tried his new Burton Custom bindings, which made me realize that my own bindings were not set up correctly.

A while back I already did a change to the high back, so that they were aligned with the footing of my stance angles. But my high back wasn’t properly supporting my boots, so I had to adjust this. After unscrewing the bindings from the board and placing the cable holders further back, the highback wire now was at a better length, pushing in the highback to the correct position. Time to give it a test run at Montana, so I called Jorg and we headed over to Westerhoven last Friday. At first it was a bit of adjusting, but after about 10 minutes I found the new setup was an improvement for my riding, so I’ll be sticking with that on my trip to Kleinarl next Saturday.

Snowboarding at Montana, Westerhoven
Now the adjusting was done, it was time for the training. The kicker had been reshaped and looked like it was ride-able again since the skiers-massacre. Time for a little ghosting and speed checking, I found I needed the full speed from the additional drop-in. Finally up to a good speed, the balance in air was getting back and lastly I performed a well popped version of my straight air, good to end the night’s training with a clean and effortlessly looking jump.

Skateboarding at Area51, Eindhoven
So if the training on Friday wasn’t enough, it had also been 1,5 months since I had been skateboarding as well. So to get rid of that damage, we hit Area51 skatecenter in Eindhoven. Already late in the evening we headed over, but luckily for us the crowd wasn’t too large at midnight. This made for a perfect skate session, I got to stomp all the stuff I knew where I left it 1,5 months ago. So stoked about that & on top of that Jorg landed some tricks he only knew how to do on a snowskate or his snowboard, which was very inspiring to watch.

Hell yeah! We’re back for the full attack of the AbsolutePark and the Stash in Kleinrarl, Austria!