Although it might seem boring to most, I think my current strategy of getting those 50-50’s dialed in over all obstacles is really working out for me. I share my findings, perceptions & progress on this blog, so maybe others can have that ‘gotcha’-moment as well as I did. But most of all my blog is also the place where I log my progress and that’s what I’d like to discuss here concerning the 50-50.

My findings about starting to learn the 50-50
See my back arm rotating inwards, still failing...When I started trying 50-50’s for the first time I just had to have a box which had a setup in front of it, so the box was in extension of the line I ‘m travelling in with my snowboard. The most important thing I’m still trying to correct is my body posture when I get onto the box. I notice that my shoulders aren’t aligned with the board and that my back arm slightly rotates inwards ยป opening up in the direction of travel. In the beginning this would certainly result in my board rotating as well.

My initial reaction to this rotating was to try and keep my board on the flat-box. The wrong thing to do, which I found out the hard way by crashing side-ways over the box. The way I dealed with this was to ignore the rotating when it comes to correcting it. I figured that if the direction of travel wasn’t proper or my upper body would open up causing my board to rotate, I would just let it and continue in the new direction of travel and ride of the side of the box.

Aligning those arms in the 50-50 on a railNow that was out of the way my self-esteem was back. The next thing to deal with was getting the direction of travel straight and stop the rotating from happening. As it was my back arm opening up my upper body, I tried 2 things to correct it. The first one I tried was holding on to my snowboard pants with my back-hand. This way it would certainly not rotate inwards and thus my upper body was aligned better. When that was working out for me the 2nd thing I tried was forcing both my fore- as my back-arm aligned with my body. So just before jumping/riding up onto the box my arms start out alongside my body with my shoulders aligned and at the point the jumping/riding up onto the box was there I lift up my arms aligned with my board.

Both these strategies seem to work out for me when it comes to jumping/riding onto a box or rail. Only thing is to keep that focus on having my body aligned with my board and direction of travel and I’m good. I still fail at this 1/3rd of the time, but at least repeating the 50-50 over and over got me more experience in anticipating and less crashes. Although the occasional crash does happen, but hell no pain no gain eh?