Ollie error; Shoulders rotated outwardsEver since Jorg and I started attending skateboarding classes – instructed by Wouter Bosch at Area 51 Skatepark in Eindhoven – we’ve come a long way with our skill-set and progress. The things I never deemed possible suddenly came into play and within our reach. But as with anything you’re learning, it’s a process of practicing, repetition, failing, re-trying and finally success.

As the summertime came around this year, of course the classes were done and we got our homework from Wouter to practice over the summer month’s. Not all exercises and tricks are in the pocket, but certainly I’ve made solid progress on specific grounds.

The Homework
Tricks Wouter asked me to perform when he was back from his holiday, were: Heel-flip, Kick-flip, Pop-180-shuv-it, Frontside & Backside Ollie 180 and last but not least an Ollie Late 180-shuv-it.

Technique ; in general I had to practice my normal Ollie technique as this forms the basis for all other stuff. Not that it wasn’t high enough, but more keeping the shoulders aligned with the board instead of slightly rotating outwards » thus creating the unwanted rotation whilst in the air. I’ve put a lot of effort in to get this perfected and it seems I’m getting somewhere. Now it is time to shift the focus from the shoulders to the back leg retracting and increase the speed, whilst keeping the basic technique of the shoulders in mind.