Early momrning @ kasteellaan, EindhovenLast Saturday (2011-09-03) it was a perfect day for an early morning skateboarding session at the Kasteellaan, Eindhoven. It was about 8:15 I arrived in Eindhoven and the place was deserted, but the sun was already shining over the skate-park. All-in-all a good morning to practice some of the ollies, flips, axle stalls, etc. I’m learning. Jorg joined me on this early morning after he’d ran some errands first.

Even though the tempratures were still low, they pretty much were an omen of what the rest of the day would bring. Never the less, it’s good to have put some practice in again, before we have the first lesson after the holidays. Just for review and progress I’ve shot a small video clip of me ollie-ing from a small stair, which is part of the park.

Hopefully the weather will continue to be nice for the remainder of the summer her in the Netherlands, because it hasn’t been all that perfect.