Wow…it seems like ages I’ve updated some progress on my blog, but that’s what happens when life’s busy I guess; rebuilding the house was the main thing consuming my time.

But even though I was rebuilding after working hours, I still managed to attend the lessons at Area 51 Skatepark. The progress sometimes flabbergasts me, as I’m doing stuff I never thought to be able. A few weeks back during the lessons, we initiated the first tries at a feeble stall on the small quarters in the training area. End of that session I felt comfortable doing those feeble stalls, of course it needs a whole lot more practice.

Last night at the lessons, I was asked what I wanted to learn next… In the back of my mind I had the snowskating event from a few weeks back where I felt comfortable making boardslides, this inspired me to ask for something I’d been fearing and putting off for a while: a boardslide on the double tube flat rail. Even though I am capable doing a boardslide on the big training tube, I raised a psychological barrier for myself thinking that the iron tubes would not be as easy. This fear, unfounded as it may be, kept me from trying and go for it. This is when Wouter challenged me and I pu t aside the fear and doubts and made a first attempt. Now that the barrier was gone it took me about 5 tries to finally make my first proper boardslide. After a few more I got more comfortable and relaxed, so I could try and focus on turning the board out and ride away. So stoked to have done that…it’s been on my list for a while and I put it up there with too much fear. I rocked that rail, success!!

PS. I’ll bring the camera next time so I don’t need to grab examples elsewhere 😉 And to keep a good log of my progress.