Last Thursday Marieke and I went to Snowworld in Landgraaf. They had placed the Nike 6.0 Jumping Airbag after a medium kicker. It was ideal to test some of the aerial awareness I’d been training throughout the summer. I only wanted to focus on my 180’s, to be sure I’d be able to land them. The 180’s posed no real problem and it was a good thing to reassure myself that training is paying off.

Marieke was doing some proper straight airs and was actually really improving on this. Unfortunately the airbag was filled with too much air which made you slide to the side of the bag on a high speed. If you land properly you can manage to brace yourself for this, but this was not the case with one of Marieke’s jumps and she slided down head first onto the icey slope. Now she suffers from an injured shoulder, which could have been prevented if the guys who put up the airbag took some extra care in how much air they fill the bag with.

Unfortunately I did not bring any video gear, so I’ll post a video clip from the last time we were at Snowworld when the had the airbag placed.

Besides the training in Landgraaf that Thursday, in the evening it was time for my weekly skateboarding lesson. Which is a welcome distraction when there is no snow around to board on. But since the last few days the temperature in the Netherlands has been below the 0 degree barrier, my hopes are up for some fresh snow ;). I compiled a short clip from the lesson to aid myself in analyzing my progress and further tweak the technique. Enjoy!

Or find it on youtube here or on vimeo here