The Montana snow-center slope was filled with freestyle skiers on Wednesday 21st of December. During their training they were even taking over  the obstacles, normally only used by the boarders. As a result the setup jumps were kind of ruined and the chances of training the backside 50-50 were slim. As a result Jorg and I had to re-shape the setup jumps to get our training going.

After some shaping, the setups were still powder-like due to the absence of some water to reinforce, but what the hell – Just do it! So after a few tries I finally locked on the backside 50-50 and after repeating them it got better and better. Jorg got enthused and gave it a try as well, for him it was equally successful and after a few tries he was locking the BS50-50’s just as easy.

As always taking it a level further we set out to try a switch bs 50-50 180 in, if this is the correct title ;). Breaking it down to approaching switch backside towards the tube and 180 onto the tube and ride the 50-50 full length. He totally locked it at 5 minutes to closing time. I was still mind-boggling myself not properly visualizing the movement. The lift stopped and I gave it a final try, although it was close I couldn’t lock onto the tube. Better luck next time!

Summarizing: a super sick training session, which we will repeat next Wednesday. Let’s see if we can continue the progression!