This weekend I had a short skateboard session with Jorg at the Shark Safe house. After all the building from the past few weeks it was time to hit the quarters ourselves. I’m stoked about the results on the quarters, the transition is perfect and the speed you can generate is good. Although in our skate lessons we did not really yet practiced our skills in these higher quarters (0,9m), the basics and technique we now own, make it a fair challenge.

During the session Jorg put up a few left over beams from the building and challenged me to ollie them. Starting with only a few  I progressed quickly to about 10 logs of wood, which is about 44cm. Then it started to get tricky, Jorg put up another beam and I had to try a few times to get it done. The mental game was kicking in, but seeing is believing. By looking back at a video from myself ollie-ing the 44cm seeing that I had enough clearance I believed I could jump the 11 beams.

The video says it all for me, even though I have yet to break the 0,5m barrier. My hopes are up that I’ll be able to post about that sometime soon ;). I have a good example in Shark’s Team Member Willem Vogels who easily ollies over 0,7m things. It’s good staying inspired, this energizes like crazy! I’m Stoked about the ollie height I’m making!