The screwdriver is rotating and in turn the screws for mounting my Flow bindings are tightening, adjusting the angles to 17° outwards both front and back binding. My board has been without my bindnigs for about 2 months now, ever since I got back from the week-trip to Silvretta-Montafon – Gashurn, AT. I could not resist the urge to go snowboarding anymore, I just had to get back onto the board and ride!

After mounting the board properly, I put all my gear into the trunk of the car and drove to Montana Snowcenter, NL. Although pretty crowded with English geezers, who celebrate their holiday to the adjacent family park – I could finally feel the snow again.

At first I needed to tweak my boots and straps again, so my feet wouldn’t hurt that much, but after getting it right it was time to ease back into the riding.

A ribbed green tube, down rails and a double kinked rail were the features to play with last night. I never rode the double kinked feature, after an hour orso I was confortably doing so. The other features also posed no problem after some warm-up. It’s good to be riding again and certainly knowing that the skillset is still persent and ready for progress!

At the end of the night, Jorg and I put in a small snowskate session. With ultimately landing a pop-shuv-it and an ollie-180 (almost), which means progress is also happening in that area.

All-in-all a very good 3 hour training session!