Even though the lessons have been at a halt for a period, since the start of 2012 I had quite a few skateboard sessions where I got to learn new stuff. The skate lessons are still part of the snowboardtraining for better board handling and body movement, which I could clearly notice during our snowboard trip in January.

During the skate lessons I constantly get triggered and enthused to try new stuff. Over the course of the first few months of the year I am clearly seeing an improvement going on in the way I ollie for instance. There seems to be a mind muscle connection, which in combination with better timing and technique makes it so that I can ollie consistently and high.

Furthermore I learned some tricks I thought I’d never get down. One of those tricks was the Blunt to Fake by means of a nose grab. I don’t know the exact name for the trick, but it feels damn nice to finally get that one on the trick-list.

I’ve compiled a short video clip of the Blunt to Fakie and some other tricks I’ve learned over the course of the last few weeks. Check it out!