It took me a while to write up the story from our Snowboarding trip for this year, but here you have it. Our stay for 2012 was at Gaschurn, Austria (Silvretta Montafon) at a short distance from the elevator onto the mountain, like we always do.

We traveled with more people than just the usual riders Marieke, Jorg and I, this year some of our family also came along for the trip. Marieke’s brother and girlfriend and my parents also joined, but as they’re skiers they didn’t hit the park with us. Never the less it was cool & fun to have them around on our trip!

Exploration & Pow
Staring at the different parks before planning and booking our week-trip for 2012, we had decided on the Nova park at Silvretta-Montafon. First few days of the trip are usually spent looking for the park, checking out the piste plan, planning routes and elevator times. The exploration also immediately led to some small powder runs, which of course were too tempting not to ride.

Photo shoot day
Packing up a bag with photo-gear and hoisting it up and down the slopes isn’t one of the easiest challenges, because you don’t want to crash and risk damaging your gear. That is the reason for Jorg to only choose one day for a photo-shoot day and he picked a damn fine one as well. The sky was all blue and sun was shining all day!

Surprising to see was that the feature riding public, was no where near to loving the camera. During previous shoots, Jorg had no trouble finding subjects to photograph. So we decided I would hike up and down the slope around the different features. Getting the right shots for one feature and then moving onto the next. A grueling day of hiking, but sooo worth the shots that it delivered. Check out the pictures here.

Family runs
It was super to have the family along for the trip. Thinking back about those good old times we had back then and reliving it partly again was nice. Partly as in, we now ride snowboards and this makes it a bit harder to trail the different routes on the mountain. I myself kind of dislike the trailing along the mountain, not because of the family, but most of the trails do not anticipate the use for snowboarders. Long flats are a perfect example, or small narrow icy paths. Never the less I really enjoyed the time spent and look forward to doing that again soon.

Blizzard GoPro Pow final runs
Of course we’re all about using the time we have in the mountains to it’s full length and potential. So even though it was kind of a blizzard on the last day, it was so worth it to ride that fresh pow whilst the blizzard was raging. Only a few meters in front of you were visible, but luckily we’ve had the whole week to explore the slopes. It posed no real problems riding down the mountains in those conditions, but it occurred to me that only snowboarders were riding around us. In the short video clip (which will be posted later) a few of those blizzard runs are compiled showing the conditions.