Example: Backfoot placement

“Pay attention to how you place your backfoot,…” – Is what Nick Bax had to note about the way I executed a regular Ollie, he continued: “…by placing the backfoot with the inner edge just over the transition from the board into the backtail, you have better control and the board doesn’t get dampened by your sole sticking over the edge of your board.”

Applying this made such a big difference for me – it had me mind-boggled. It proves technique is everything when making tricks look simple and natural. The remark echoed in my head and I applied it actively in the Ollies that were about to be unleashed. Stunning myself with the result that I felt more in control, by taking my board to the air in a more straight line then before. Feeling the board get lifted easier and sticking better to my feet all the way through the motion…

Yet another small detail, proving to be of essence for something as basic as an Ollie.

I am still pursuing the skateboard lessons as they greatly add to my overall technique and it echoes in my Snowboarding getting better as well. Just like the snowboarding which I like as a progression thing, this is true for skateboarding. Even if it are the most basic skills one can learn in the sport, it generates so much satisfaction when progression occurs – it’s addicting!