I have been riding my NITRO MISFIT 155,6 for quite some time now. But I still feel like there is something missing. The introduction of “Rocker” boards was just happening when I was first in the market for a snowboard. After letting innovation and development take its course; better and more diverse types of “rocker” boards appear on the market these days.

So I’ve invested in a new snowboard; the Signal Rocker Light. Although this is not the full rocker type, it still features the more flexible tips (in 2 stages) both sides from the boots outwards ยป See the image for a full description of the stages.

I went out to test it in the indoor Snow dome of Snowworld – Landgraaf, together with Marieke and Jorg. One of the first things to note of course was the fact that my presses on both nose and tail needed less weight pressure as the board is more flexible in the tips. Adjusting into this, resulted in applying moderate pressure by being able to get lower with my body by bending my knees. With my NITRO this was impossible to achieve, so adjusting to this new approach takes some time getting used to.

Another thing that I noticed that I needed to get used to is having a smaller edge to do the turning, also because of the tips being rocker. But being the “Light” version of the rocker it features enough edge and stiffness between the boots to make the turns.

Never the less I positively notice the flex of the board in the park and with the ground tricks. The board is more playful, but still has enough pop to it to take it to the skies. Also jibbing feels more natural now as you’re less likely to catch an edge. We all had huge fun trying some of those old school tricks like a Tri-pod again.

I need more time with the board to really get it to work for me, but the first impression is overall very good. In the near future we’ll be heading to another indoor dome and next year I’ll hopefully be able to test it in powder conditions, otherwise a lot of park will be on the menu when we’re off to Kitzsteinhorn, Kaprun, AT.