kitzsteinhornThe incredible need to check up on the weather conditions, the snow heights, looking at the webcams in the Mountains and checking out videos posted from people from the mountain is taking over my mind. With only a few weeks until I have another snowboard trip planned, it is beginning to become unbearable.

This year we’re heading out to the mountains in Kitzsteinhorn-Kaprun, Austria. Their general website regularly updates the information about the area. Furthermore they have a dedicated website for the information surrounding the snowpark. This is a such a good thing for a snow area to be doing. Not only does the website feature enough updates, for the hardcore “can-not-wait-anymore”-people they also have a facebook page that posts updates from the shapers and groomers of the park and more.


A lot to look forward to and only a few more weeks until it is time to step on the snowboard!