montana-headerEyes focused on the green-ribbed-tube, placed down-hill in the same incline as the hill. Gauging for a speed that I’m still comfortable with doing a new trick. Dropping in switch doing a half-cab into a backside 50-50 felt actually really comfortable.

This was a first I had done that trick and got it down first try. Of course I had some preparation into trying this trick. I was training a bit with Jorg at Montana snowcenter Funpark, after helping the shape crew a little with getting the slope ready for the next Rail Riots this Saturday. The preparation started out with us doing some regular front-side 50-50’s, progressing into 180’s out. After the front-sides it was time for the back-side 50-50’s. Then came the half cab to frontside 50-50’s, which had been a while and actually not really performed by us on the green-ribbed-tube yet.

Jorg inspired me to do a switch frontside 50-50, which i got down first try. So the thoughts went out of control when Jorg went of the slope to get something to drink, “What the hell, just try that half cad to backside 50-50.” I was so stoked when I got that down first try as well.

Check out the video here.


On a night where we just set out to get back into training…turned out to be a hell of a progression and motivational boost.