Yo, my name is Sanne Buurma.

Sanne Buurma - My World of SnowboardingI was born and raised in the Netherlands. Currently I’m living together with my wife Marieke. I’m working as a Technical Consultant Infrastructure for an IT-company named Sogeti.

In my spare time I really like to spend my time with stuff that fascinates me and relaxes my mind. Besides Snowboarding & Skateboarding this includes; different sports like freediving, fitness, race cycling, speed skating & more. I also love directing movie clips, staying up to date with latest technology, blogging and lots of other fascinating stuff.

That’s the reason for me to start this Blog and update it as I go. This Blog is all about my world of snowboarding, what I’m learning, how I’m learning it and where I’ve been to relax my mind with riding the POW!

My history with snowboarding starts a while back, when it was kind of new and my parents did the natural thing of having their kids get ski lessons. Although I liked skiing at the time, there was this other thing that was catching my eye on the slopes, indeed Snowboarding! So on the second ski-trip with my parents, I just went down to the rental store and got myself a nice snowboard set and got up the mountain trying to get the board down the hill. The first hill I chose, kinda was the highest around as I hadn’t explored the area too well. I thought I saw that elevator going up halfway the mountain a good place to start, but halfway up the elevator it turned out it took me all the way up to the top…   All-in-all in the end I was able to ride down the mountain fairly good after one week of afternoon sessions on the slopes.

After this first encounter I was totally hooked to snowboarding. Although time and money really weren’t at my disposal to undertake snowboard-trips for my own, I just hit the snow-centers in the Netherlands to keep me from getting rusty. Along the way I got another good buddy of mine (Jorg) hooked as well and taught  him the ins and outs as far as I knew and got him up and running as well. Later when I hooked up with my girlfriend Marieke, I managed to convince her to try out some snowboarding, as she had the same skiing classes I got. After teaching both Jorg and Marieke their basic skills, we all thought it was best to book a snowboarding trip. Our first trip was to Sölden, Austria and was the start of the adventures described in this blog.

Have fun reading and do not hesitate to either contact me or provide some feedback.