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Video: 2010 Trip to Mayrhofen

I’ve been working on the video from Mayrhofen quite a while, but then again I wanted it to be rad! So enjoy the vid! httpvhd:// Or check it here: As Jorg, Marieke and I look back on this video, we’ve progressed a lot since we arrived back in March from Mayrhofen.

Week-trip to: Mayrhofen, Austria

Week-trip to: Mayrhofen, Austria

After a somewhat exhausting drive we finally arrived back home on the 27th of march 2010. Although we didn’t have much traffic on the way to Mayrhofen, our return journey seemed to feature nothin but traffic jams in the first 300 km. It’s about a 900km drive from Eindhoven to Mayrhofen and we split up […]

Training: Upslope box

Last Wednesday it was time to hit the training grounds at indoor Snowcenter Montana and finalize some of our preparation before we hit the mountains in Austria. I have to remind myself I have to do a few warm-up runs, instead I went at it straight away and tried my backside 360 from the setup […]

Video: Frontside 360 air-cushion

The indoor snowcenter in Landgraaf Snowworld, which claims to have the biggest indoor park, had a air-cushioning system set up behind one of their kickers. This was the opportunity to try a 360 and see how that feels in the air. Rsult was the video clip below 😉 Enjoy, I know I did, now all […]


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